Google Pacific Shores – Bldgs. 1300 & 1600



W. Bradley Electric, WBE Telcom


Redwood City, CA

Project Cost:



This project consisted of 2 buildings. 1600 Seaport Blvd  is a 5 story building (137,000 sq ft) with all new electrical systems, fire alarm, lighting and lighting controls. A new “ERRCS” Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System or “DAS” Distributed Antenna System was installed for the purpose of enhancing the wireless signal for emergency responders and wireless devices.The 5th floor has a “Beverage Experience” which has custom ceiling strings of beads that match custom lighting. The second building located at 1300 Seaport Blvd included a buildout of Level 1 which received all new electrical systems, fire alarm lighting and lighting controls

WBE Telcom was commissioned to assist in the migration of the building’s existing riser system to make room for the redesigned bathrooms. Our Telcom team first surveyed all existing riser cabling and documented all live connections and this information was coordinated with the building carriers: AT&T, WiLine, and Direct TV. Then, we implemented a plan to remove any unused or abandoned riser cabling. During all of this cable demolition, no tenants lost service. The final phases included installing new riser cabling to support the last remaining tenants at 1600 Seaport.