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WBE has donated over $900,000 since the Giving Committee was formed in 2011 which supports nonprofit organizations in our community as well as members of the WBE Family who are involved with their own personal volunteer efforts. As part of our community involvement, we’re privileged to work with a variety of nonprofits whose work helps enhance the lives of many in times of need. We also support organizations that provide important services to our communities through sports, awareness, and education. Our hope is to make an impact on our local and regional societies. We strive to mentor, give back, donate, coach, and serve others so that this world is a better place because of our existence.

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WBE Giving Committee’s Mission Statement: Philanthropy is a core component of the W. Bradley Electric culture. We believe that we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company to contribute and give back. We are committed to supporting those organizations serving the human and civic needs within our communities. We operate with integrity and achieve our mission in an ethical manner.

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You have arrived in our lives at the most opportune time.  Your donation has made up for our major budget cut at our family shelter.  Your gift will allow us to reinstate several items for our children.

Rev. Linda S. Powers

Program Director, Samaritan Family Shelter

It’s gratifying to know that we have the support of everyone at WBE.  You’re the best!

David Goodman

Executive Director, Redwood Empire Food Bank

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