The History of WBE

Van #1 "71" Dodge

Van #1 “71” Dodge

The quality of work of our other vendors, does not compare with yours.

Gail Feragola

Sr. Analyst, Field Projects,

W. Bradley Electric, Inc. (WBE) has been setting industry standards for experience, education, customer service, and workmanship since 1977. Founded by William T. Bradley, Sr., WBE started out as a home business. Bill’s persistence and hard work soon paid off, and the small commercial electrical contractor became a thriving company. Today, WBE is still a family business and now has 4 bay area locations. With Bill’s daughter Leslie Murphy, and her 33 years of experience, we are positioned for continued success. Now, we have more than 350 employees and an annual sales volume of over 106 million dollars. With Leslie Murphy as CEO since 1999, our impeccable reputation over the years continues to position us as a leader in our industry, and we are proud to be a Woman Owned Business.

Leslie Murphy, CEO

WBE team, your great work and the fact that you go the extra mile to get it done is recognized and much appreciated.  Thanks guys.

Justin Schreiner

DPR Construction Inc.

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