Design Build

An End-to-End Workflow

The Design-Build approach integrates all parties in a united, end-to-end workflow in order to achieve high-quality final products. Ultimately, this lets construction teams leverage expertise upfront and validate every step in the project lifecycle from start to finish.

At WBE, we make the most of Design-Build to empower professionals to share expertise, collaborate at a high level, use technologies like BIM, develop innovative designs and fine-tune assets at any stage in the lifecycle. Our wealth of in-house services – including AV, Security, Electrical, 5G and more – lets us integrate a full-scale Design-Build approach.

Let’s bring the entire team to the table with the right methods and technologies for an effective working environment. Our experts have 45+ of experience in utilizing Design-to-Build and integrating complex areas including safety, modeling, constructability, cost savings, scheduling and more.


Areas of Expertise

  • Industry Leading BIM Software
  • 2D and 3D Based Modeling, Design and Coordination
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Costing
  • 6D Facilities Management Integration
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Implementation of Lean Construction Principles
  • Modular Construction of Electrical Components

Other Specialties

Instrumentation & Controls

Design Assist

Electrical Contractor

Integrated Project Delivery

Equipment Racks

Electrical Maintenance & Shutdowns

Building Information Modeling

Let WBE Be Your One Source Solution

Let WBE Be Your One Source Solution

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