LinkedIn - Installation of all Data Infrastructure




WBE Telcom Division


Mountain View, CA

Project Cost:



LinkedIn required Installation of all Data Infrastructure to 3 Buildings. Each Building has 2 Floors with all cabling terminating on the 2nd floor. Termination style used in the IDF/MDFs was new to WBE, it was 100 Port Modular Panels that resided in the Vertical Wire Manager. The Campus was tied together with 96 Strand Ribbon Fiber to all 3 buildings and their existing campus down the street.

The Ceilings in the Buildings utilized a Cloud infrastructure with many open areas. This setup required   a unique Mounting bracket design for the Access Points to allow them to be at the desired heights and locations. In Addition to the APs and normal work outlets, we were to install Cabling for Cameras (both exterior and interior) and Room Schedulers, along with Rack & Stack of Linkedin Equipment and UPS’s.