Areas of Refuge

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Industry News, Security


Areas of Refuge

Protect your building’s occupants by planning areas of refuge. An area of refuge is a specially designed “waiting room” to safeguard individuals who can’t safely exit the building during an emergency. 

At WBE, we support your efforts to keep every occupant safe. Our experts know how to plan and construct these spaces according to industry-leading area of refuge requirements. 


Who are areas of refuge intended for?

An area of refuge is equipped to help any occupants who can’t make it down the stairs and out of the building during emergency scenarios, such as a fire or extreme weather. These may include individuals who are:

  • Disabled or mobility-limited
  • Ill or injured
  • The elderly
  • Young infants
  • Anybody with certain health conditions (such as heart disease)
  • Anybody who stayed behind to help

Typically, area of refuge requirements ensure that this location has sufficient space (according to the number of occupants) and access to emergency communications to speak with first responders. 


What are common area of refuge requirements?

Area of refuge requirements stipulate where and how large the designated space should be, as well as certain features it should include. Here are key aspects to keep in mind:

  • Sufficient space (according to the number of occupants)
  • Designated wheelchair spaces (according to the number of occupants)
  • Easily accessible location from all levels (such as a stairwell, lobby, horizontal exit, etc.)
  • Accessible signage to locate the area of refuge
  • Fire barrier protections and access to fresh air 
  • Emergency lighting
  • A two-way communication system

As you can imagine, these area of refuge requirements are especially important for multi-story buildings, where safety and space concerns may be even more complex. 


Trust WBE with your area of refuge needs

At WBE, we’ll meet all your area of refuge requirements. Whether you’re renovating an older building or equipping a new one, our seasoned team will plan and build cutting-edge areas of refuge.

From fire alarms, intercoms, signage and two-way communication systems, our expert professionals install everything your building needs to meet area of refuge requirements and keep your occupants safe.