Integrated Project delivery

Maximize Project Outcomes

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a key working framework to fully integrate teams and maximize project outcomes. With IPD, the owner, architect and constructor align their project vision within a single contract. 

By bringing together all parties under a common goal and agreed-upon incentive pool, professionals like us are able to achieve:

    • Greater accountability from each party to validate and iterate
    • Enhanced, open communication about scope and limitations
    • United, multi-disciplinary teams that are well-structured
    • Reduced numbers of disputes and mid-project change orders
    • More accurate project timelines with fewer delays
    • More precise, cost-effective budgets
    • A shared mission of success through a defined incentive pool

At WBE, we believe our people power is our greatest strength. From start to finish, we weave IPD into everything we do in order to leverage our team members’ expertise and accomplish the best possible project results. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Planning – Creation of an IPD action plan
  • Execution – Setting the plan in motion
  • Quality Control – Ongoing analysis of plan results
  • Iteration – Plan refinements to ensure an optimal outcome

Other Specialties

Instrumentation & Controls

Design Assist

Design Build

Electrical Maintenance & Shutdowns

Building Information Modeling

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