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In our increasingly digital world, companies face a hyper-demand for infrastructure that supports big data and cloud storage.

As a result, data centers have become a key component of business success, especially as customer-driven services such as IoT, streaming, and microgrids become commonplace. 

Data centers are a critical part of companies’ daily operations and must be secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective to successfully meet long-term business needs.

As companies look to build up their infrastructure, it’s essential to choose experienced data center contractors with a deep understanding of these requirements. Businesses will need experts like WBE to design, install and maintain data centers in order to optimize online services into the future. 


End-to-End Data Center Services

  • Design Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Cabling 
  • Maintenance

Turnkey Data Center Solutions

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At WBE, we develop the entire lifecycle of your data center so you can support mission-critical infrastructure and maximize your data’s business potential – even as technology evolves at breakneck speeds.

Our mission is to build turnkey data center solutions that allow your business to thrive in a digital age. To accomplish this, our holistic data center designs are defined by:

  • Granting 24/7 airtight security and access to data
  • Balancing sustainable costs with long-term data goals
  • Maximizing performance and computing power through smart design
  • Utilizing the latest technical components as they evolve
  • Leveraging industry-diverse experience with hyperscale and colocation data centers
  • Delivering top customer experiences optimized with real-time analytics

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being a single point of contact for realizing your business’ data potential. With over 47 years of expertise in energy, electricity, telecommunications, and IT services, our data center contractors have a comprehensive understanding of your data center’s most complex construction requirements. At every step, we ensure the protection and optimization of your critical assets, providing future-proofed data center solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure

Your data center infrastructure is the starting point for data-driven business. WBE’s custom solutions bring together industry-leading standards for security, efficiency, and sustainability.

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100% Optimized Performance

Our data center contractors leverage high-level engineering and construction expertise to design infrastructure with ultra-fast speeds and great precision. We specialize solutions to maximize your budget and ensure long-term, reliable performance.

Value-driven solutions

No matter the hurdles you’re facing, our experts can aid in resolving them. We help clients navigate regulatory paperwork, complex construction issues and sustainability-driven design. Our innovative infrastructure can address any of your ambitious goals, whether related to your company’s budget, carbon footprint or customer needs.

Holistic Expertise

At WBE, we have decades of critical infrastructure expertise. Our extensive experience in energy, electricity, telecommunications, IT services, and more informs every phase of data center infrastructure. We build fully integrated data center designs that align with every client’s unique vision for always-on solutions.

Data Center Installation

On the ground installation requires not just innovative designs, but the personnel to carry them out. Our data center installation process at WBE is backed by technicians with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of equipment, as well as guaranteed installation insurance.

From day one, our data center installation team ensures that every component of the infrastructure runs at optimal performance. Our team members test equipment before and after installation, while staying compliant with all regulatory requirements. Overall, our data center installation aims for smooth implementation to power your business’ data needs as quickly as possible.

biotech electrical construction
biotech electrical construction

Data Center Cabling

Mission-critical infrastructure requires the market-leading best in data cabling installation. Without it, your data center may risk weak connection points of suffer outages. Our WBE technicians have decades of telecommunications cabling know-how that informs every aspect of our data center solutions.

Our structured data cabling expertise ensures that all telecommunication connections are viable within your data center infrastructure. We utilize high-end cabling products and certified technicians to provide well-integrated, secure and organized data wiring that meets bandwidth requirements.

When it comes to data cabling, the possibilities are vast. From testing and installing category 6/6a cabling, single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, to cabling frameworks, patch panels, cable tray systems and more, we’ve got you covered. No matter your unique requirements, our industry-leading technicians have the top skills to test and install data cabling correctly, ensuring your data center is equipped for success.

Data Center Maintenance

Once your data center is operational, our expert contractors will ensure the smooth functioning of your company’s assets through meticulous maintenance planning. Our maintenance phase includes a schedule for key updates, and regular assessments to identify any need for data center technology upgrades. This is particularly beneficial if your business is looking to scale up its data support, as we are here to support your growth.

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