Are Your Buildings, Structures and Spaces 5G/DAS-Ready?

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Industry News

5th Generation Mobile Wireless Communication

By now, you have discussed 5G (5th generation mobile wireless communication) technology with your leadership, or you have already configured your buildings, structures and spaces for 5G technology. This relatively new technology is an innovative solution designed to manage mounting next-generation data growth and connectivity. While 5G still operates with existing 4G networks, like all advancing technologies, it will eventually stand alone as early as June 2021. Companies and organizations find it critical to upgrade in order to experience faster connections (improved latency), manage higher data capacity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

According to Statista, “By 2024, forecasts predict that there will be around 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions worldwide.”

5G/Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Advantages

There are several main advantages for businesses to transition to a 5G/Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) network. While carriers currently offer 5g small cell solution based on millimeter wave (MMW)—a short-range, high-frequency network technology, evidence shows a challenging deployment and less-than seamless results. MMW does not penetrate buildings well compared with an in-building DAS or small cell. With a 5G/DAS solution, users are gaining exceptional results:

  • Coverage inside buildings and structures, especially those with areas of poor or intermittent connectivity
  • Increased data speed (up to 100 times more throughput)
  • Increased uplink and downlink speeds
  • Improved latency (device response over wireless), as low as 1 millisecond, as compared with 30 milliseconds on a 4G network
  • Additional cell sites for increased capacity using network densification solutions

Companies recognize the value in a telecom infrastructure that uses the latest technology, in preparation for further advancing technologies. By not increasing 5G network density, companies operate in high-risk mode, facing incoming security issues, failing legacy systems, and last-minute, high-cost migrations.


5G/Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Today

Most major telecom carriers in the United States offer 5G services. This is great news, but infrastructure is a factor in preparing for 5G. For optimum coverage, 5G requires a conversion of existing macro cell towers that includes a network of “small cell sites” and the installation of distributed antenna systems (DAS). Preparing for 5G and beyond is a necessity by both carriers and companies alike. For example, carriers can more effectively sell 5G when they are able to offer the correct infrastructure and 5G installation and implementation. As well, companies must migrate from legacy telecom and wireless systems in order to meet client demands in a secure environment. Preparing for 5G requires more than a phone call to your local carrier.


5G Readiness Plan

Whether you operate an evolving company, you are a new startup, or you are offering 5G services to customers, 5G readiness is a critical step in your success. 5G readiness usually involves preparing or retrofitting existing buildings, structures and spaces for optimum 5G use. 5G installation and resources must be put in place, and a reputable company with certified installers is essential in the completion of this type of work. According to a Forbes.com article entitled, 3 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Business for 5G, they believe business leaders must: 1) create a 5G strategy, 2) consider IT systems and security, and 3) educate people. Such a strategy is easily managed by an electrical company that has experiences through the telecom and wireless ages. A viable electric company that offers a 5G readiness plan should have these qualifications:

  • Understands and explains the concepts of 5G/DAS and wireless telecom
  • Stands behind years of experience in cell phone tower construction
  • Familiar with building 5G infrastructure since its inception as well as building previous generation networks (4G, 3G, etc.)
  • Offers extended signal for every indoor/outdoor challenge (antennas on streetlights, towers, and inside buildings, etc.)
  • Multiple divisions within the company to support fast deployment of “mall cell sites (5G networks)
  • Engaged in partnerships with the leading wireless service providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and their radio frequency (RF) engineers.

Your electrical contractor will work with you to assess your current environment and IT infrastructure, create a 5G strategy that fits your needs, and educate you on the technical aspects of a 5G readiness plan.


How Does 5G/DAS Architecture Work

5G/DAS architecture is complex and requires experienced certified installers to explain it and install the infrastructure within your indoor and outdoor spaces. 5G networking incorporates a heterogeneous (HetNet) system – or the concurrent operation of macro, micro, pico and femto cells in a heterogeneous network. This system incorporates dense deployment of baseband units (BBU), remote radio units (RRU) and small cells closer to the users to control radio frequency (RF) footprint. It also increased signal strength ultimately improving user experiences by providing faster data speed and enhanced battery life for devices. Ultimately, network densification using a 5G/DAS architecture enables adding increased capacity, bandwidth, and efficiency in small cell sites.

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is perhaps the most critical component in optimum 5G infrastructure. DAS improves cellular coverage and/or capacity in a targeted area using a network of antennas connected to a single source of radio frequency. Deploying DAS helps with targeted cellular coverage in indoor and outdoor areas such as office building, college campuses, stadiums, airports, and more. DAS provides increased cellular coverage and capacity while offloading traffic from the macro network.



Value in Vendor/Carrier Partnerships

Selecting a reputable 5G company for your readiness plan also includes valuable partnerships. An acclaimed company that hires certified installers will have established partnerships with cities, carriers, and vendors needed for 360-degree 5G implementation. Check for these benefits when you select a 5G networking company to prepare your buildings, structures and spaces:

a) Experienced building infrastructure on streetlights and existing city structures

b) Existing partnerships with cities and municipalities, streetlight division, wireless telecom division – for rapid small cell site construction

c) Existing understanding of how cities work, established relationships, and direct communication

d) Existing site logins for permits and licensing

e) Expert knowledge pool in 5G, DAS, network densification, wireless telecom, 5G networking, small cell site construction, and macro networks

The 5G/DAS network readiness plan is a complex undertaking. Selecting a valuable source to field your questions and offer a full-scale 5G solution is a worthy step when you are ready to grow your business and prepare for future technology.


Why Choose W. Bradley Electric for Your 5G/DAS Implementation

W. Bradley Electric, Inc. is a well-rounded electrical contractor and 5g company with six divisions to meet your 5G/DAS implementation needs: electrical construction, telecommunications, security, audio visual, traffic/street lighting, and IT services. With W. Bradley Electric, you invest in a reputable wireless technology provider with a record of over 20 years of service. We have a large-business philosophy with a small-business staff of 300+ employees. We stand behind a design/build/assist philosophy in which we collaborate with you to move projects from conception through to completion. We have four BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff along with resources in all disciplines—electrical, telecommunications, network, security, and audio visual—under one umbrella. It is our approach to provide you with a seamless design that encompasses all facets necessary for your 5G network cabling and infrastructure. Count on W. Bradley Electric for your outdoor or in-building 5G future technology solutions. Get everything you need in one great company.